1 Hybrid and electric powertrains and emission regulations
2 Energy infrastructures, fuel cells, and batteries
3 Advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, safety and connectivity
4 Mobility, smart cities. energy grid, and communication networks
5 Power Electronics, Active and Passive Components, sensors and transducers
AEIT Automotive 2020 will host papers on:
Evolution of the electrical car, from mild hybrid to full electrical traction
Low emission regulations and high performance vehicles
Battery progresses, performance and cost, fuel cells
Electrical car autonomy and related recharging infrastructure - Smart grid involvement
Connected cars: a major enabler for safety and traffic control
Assisted and autonomous driving: technology, safety, ethical and social issues
Erhical policies for assisted and autonomous driving: legal regulations
Network and protocols related issues
Interaction with smart city and mobility management
Digital and analog sensors and Electronics for vehicle diagnostics and control, safety, assited driving and emerging applications

Photonics, laser manufacturing, car lighting