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    Thursday - 26 May 2022   
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In recent years, interrelationships among energy and transportation infrastructures, telecommunications and computing technologies, are growing at a fast pace to provide further intelligence to vital technological systems. The ever-increasing dependence on electricity as a flexible energy carrier, the need for an intelligent and sustainable management of grids and decarbonization through electrification are creating tight interdependent energy systems. Big data, machine-learning applications, cloud computing and large bandwidth interconnections yield an accelerated technological progress, which supports the modern knowledge-based society paradigms and a revolution in the electrical sector.

AEIT 2020 will be an international forum on the scientific and industrial challenges of the near future aiming to stimulate innovative entrepreneurial initiatives and increase competitiveness. The conference will host both technical and scientific contributions in the wide area of automation, electrical energy systems, and information and communication technologies.

In light of the escalating spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, AEIT has decided to have a virtual conference: technical sessions will be virtually held and speakers and attendants will be worldwide connected.













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