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    miSW Rel. 6.2
    Sunday - 19 September 2021   
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Executive Committee

Angelo Raciti General Chair, Italy
Antonio Imbruglia Co-Chair, Italy
Andrea Penza Co-Chair, Italy
Enrico Macii Technical Program Chair, Italy
Romeo Giuliano Technical Program Co-Chair, Italy
Alberto Tenconi Technical Program Co-Chair, Italy
Gianfranco Veglio Finance Chair, Italy
Adamo N. Panzanella Logistics Chair, Italy
Vincenzo Cirimele Pubblication Chair, Italy
Salvatore Musumeci Pubblication Chair, Italy
Stefano Pirani Web Services Chair, Italy

International Technical Committee

Haitham Abu-rub, Qatar
Kamal Al-Haddad, Canada
Ciro Attaianese, Italy
Pavol Bauer, The Netherlands
Ermanno Cardelli, Italy
Paolo Carbone, Italy
Ali Emadi, Canada
Fei Gao, France
Giovanni Ghione, Italy
Kumarkutti Gopakumar, India
Yoichi Hori, Japan
Victor K.L. Huang, USA
Francesco Iannuzzo, Denmark
Vijay Kumar, USA
Riccardo Leonardi, Italy
Marco Liserre, Germany
Chengbin Ma, China
Terry Martin, USA
Miguel Merino, Spain
Grigoris K. Papagiannis, Greece
Xavier Perpina, Spain
Joel Rodrigues, Brazil
Michael Ruderman, Norway
Jean-Luc Schanen, France
Thomas Strasser, Austria
Guillermo Suarez de Tangil, United Kingdom
Azhar Ul-Haq, Pakistan
Andy Valdar, United Kingdom
José Van Ooteghem, Belgium
Francesco Vatalaro, Italy
Valeriy Vyatkin, Finland
Yijie Wang, China
Sheldon Williamson, Canada
Xinghuo Yu, Australia
Dario Zaninelli, Italy

Technical Program Committee

Enrico Macii, Italy

Giovanni Cancellieri, Italy
Roberto Caldon, Italy
Carlo Cecati, Italy
Vittorio Cecconi, Italy
Giuseppe Gattavari, Italy
Romeo Giuliano, Italy
Stefano Massucco, Italy
Alberto Tenconi, Italy

Oriol Avino-Salvado, Spain
Oreste Andrisano, Italy
Roberto Bacci, Italy
Livio Baldi, Italy
Marcello Baricco, Italy
Federico Baronti, Italy
Giovanni Belingardi, Italy
Sabina Belli, Italy
Roberto Bez, Italy
Iustin Radu Bojoi, Italy
Silverio Bolognani, Italy
Federico Braghin, Italy
Concettina Buccella, Italy
Alessandro Busacca, Italy
Umberto Cadili Rispi, Italy
Luigi Calligarich, Italy
Alfonso Capasso, Italy
Elena Maria Carolei, Italy
Andrea Casalegno, Italy
Francesco Castelli Dezza, Italy
Federico Cheli, Italy
Gianfranco Chicco, Italy
Maria Gabriella Cimoroni, Italy
Giuseppe Cocorullo, Italy
Claudio Conta, Italy
Giovanni Coppola, Italy
Fabio Crescimbini, Italy
Annamaria Cucinotta, Italy
Francesco Cupertino, Italy
Vittorio Curri, Italy
Alfonso Damiano, Italy
Pasquale Daponte, Italy
Andrea Del Pizzo, Italy
Filippo Di Giovanni, Italy
Martin Duncan, Italy
Nadim El Sayed, Germany
Pietro Erratico, Italy
Maurizio Ferrara, Italy
Vittorio Ferrari, Italy
Carlo Formento, Italy
Simone Franzò, Italy
Gaspare Galati, Italy
Costantino Giaconia, Italy
Agostino Galluzzo, Italy
Fabrizio Granelli, Italy
Giambattista Gruosso, Italy
Giulio Guandalini, Italy
Davide Janner, Italy
Roberto Langella, Italy
Massimo La Scala, Italy
Regina Lamedica, Italy
Lucia Lo Bello, Italy
Michela Longo, Italy
Franco Maloberti, Italy
Pierpaolo Marchese, Italy
Mariapia Martino, Italy
Giuseppe Mauri, Italy
Maurizio Mayer, Italy
Pietro Menga, Italy
Massimiliano Merisio, Italy
Rosario Miceli, Italy
Daniel Milanese, Italy
Vito Giuseppe Monopoli, Italy
Roberto Oboe, Italy
Paolo Organtini, Italy
Pierantonio Palerma, Italy
Gaetano Palumbo, Italy
Giorgio Parladori, Italy
Salvatore Pennisi, Italy
Paolo Perani, Italy
Roberto Petrella, Italy
Giorgio Pizzi, Italy
Silvia Maria Pietralunga, Italy
Roberta Ramponi, Italy
Vittorio Ravelli, Italy
Santi Agatino Rizzo, Italy
Alfio Russo, Italy
Mario Saggio, Italy
Enrico Sangiorgi, Italy
Giovanni Schembra, Italy
Stefano Selleri, Italy
Pierluigi Siano, Italy
Thiago Battista Soeiro, The Netherlands
Michele Tartaglia, Italy
Davide Tarsitano, Italy
Alfredo Testa, Italy
Bernardo Tellini, Italy
Giuseppe Tomasso, Italy
Andrea Tonoli, Italy
Silvio Vaschetto, Italy
Juan L. Villa, Spain
Fabio Villone, Italy
Domenico Villacci, Italy
Raffaele Zallone, Italy
Luca Zarri, Italy












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