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    Sunday - 19 September 2021   
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AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020 will be held on November, 18-20 to host regular papers in several areas of the multiform automotive and e-mobility fields. In light of the escalating spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) around the world, AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020 is a virtual conference: technical sessions will be virtually held and speakers and attendants will be worldwide connected.
The 5th AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020) aims to be a solid reference of the technical community to present and discuss the most recent results of scientific and technological research for the automotive industry, with particular emphasis to applications and new trends. The Conference covers all aspects of electrical vehicles, connected autonomous cars, special vehicles, and e-mobility.
AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2020 will bring together the Electrical and Electronic specialists, Mechanical and Systems Engineers, and the Information and Communication Technology specialists.

Scientific Sessions Key tracks are:
  • Hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Energy infrastructures, fuel cells, and batteries
  • Advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, safety and connectivity
  • Mobility, smart cities, energy grid, and communication networks
  • Power Electronics, Active and Passive Components
Arranged Special Sessions are:
  • SS1. ICT for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • SS2. Learning and Signal Processing Techniques for Electric Vehicle’s Interaction and Management
  • SS3. Technological progresses and innovations in Electric Vehicles Optimized for Extended Life, Improved Value and increased Efficiency: the European vision


Automotive 2020 will host a satellite event SiCE-2020 (Silicon Carbide in Europe, http://sice- 2020.imm.cnr.it/) that will address advances in both basic research, as well as SiC devices and applications in the field of power electronics. In particular, the aim of SiCE-2020 is to debate the latest achievements in SiC wafers growth, devices processing and applications, and to analyze their impact on the goals of the industry towards the development and commercialization of devices, modules and production equipment for several applications (automotive, railways transportation, avionics, renewable energies, etc.).
SiCE-2020 is located in the framework of three running European projects on SiC (Challenge, Reaction, and WInSiC4AP) and within the IPCEI spirit. This unique feature will enable the interaction of different communities, working on complementary aspects of SiC technology, thus being an efficient driving force for the further development of SiC research in Europe.











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