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    miSW Rel. 6.2
    Tuesday - 3 August 2021   
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TS16 Technical Session (Special Session) 
Technological Progresses and Innovations in Electric Vehicles Optimized for Extended Life, Improved Value and Increased Efficiency: the European Vision

Mariapia Martino - Politecnico di Torino


ts16_p01 Hair Pin motors: possible impregnation and encapsulation techniques, materials and variables to be considered

Annkathrin Steinacker (ELANTAS Europe GmbH, Germany); Nils Bergemann (ELANTAS Europe, Germany); Piero Braghero, Fabio Campanini, Nicola Cuminetti, Janosc De Buck and Mattia Ferraris (ELANTAS Europe, Italy)

speaker: Annkathrin Steinacker
contact email: annkathrin.steinacker@altana.com

ts16_p02 Frequency Analysis and Comparison of LCCL and CLLC Compensations for Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer

Fabio Corti and Alberto Reatti (University of Florence, Italy); Salvatore Musumeci (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

speaker: Fabio Corti
contact email: fabio.corti@unifi.it

ts16_p03 Design of a High-Speed Electric Propulsion System for Electric Vehicles

Andrea Floris and Mario Porru (University of Cagliari, Italy); Alfonso Damiano (Piazza D'Armi, Italy); Alessandro Serpi (University of Cagliari, Italy)

speaker: Andrea Floris
contact email: andrea.floris@icloud.com

ts16_p04 Advanced Functionally Integrated E-Axle for A-Segment Electric Vehicles

Mariapia Martino, Paolo Pescetto and Gianmario Pellegrino (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

speaker: Paolo Pescetto
contact email: paolo.pescetto@polito.it













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