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    Friday - 23 February 2024   
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Student Contest

The Conference Technical Program Committee and the Conference Chair encourage young researchers (Ph.D., Master Students, and Graduate in recent years 2019-2022), active in any of the areas of interest of Automotive, to participate in the "AEIT Automotive 2023 Student Contest".


  • Paper preparation rules, submission system and evaluation criteria are the same as for regular and Special Session papers
  • Each paper should deal with studentís research or technical activity in any field of interest of AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2023; the paper can be authored by up to four students and their supervisor (a professor or a post-doc or an industry engineer). The main contributor (group leader) will be identified as the first name in the authorsí list, the supervisor as the last one.
  • Deadline: May 21, 2023
  • Papers will be evaluated according to well-established rules, based on originality, scientific content, and quality, writing style, quality of results and of analysis
  • Papers must be submitted via EDAS (https://2023aeitautomotive.edas.info) using the special
  • In order to participate in the contest the paper must be covered by at least one conference registration.
  • The review process will be managed by a special Student Contest Committee.
  • The recipient(s) will be awarded at the conference closure.

Download the
AEIT Automotive 2023 Student Contest Call for Papers




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