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    Sunday - 25 September 2022   
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In near future, great part of worldwide data will be produced by machines for other machines, supported by proper networks able to guarantee specific requests ranging from ultrabroadband up to massive connections and ultrareliable links requests. Artificial intelligence is expected to process such data, also to limit Human control and management on these systems.
5G is now a reality and 6G is already in front of us, providing chances to let the wireless signal propagating mainly towards the receiver with the cooperative support of environments equipped with intelligent devices and surfaces. This smart management of the electromagnetic issues can help also to observe emission limitation regulations. Space applications are becoming easily accessible, but their set up may introduce unexpected risks. Intentional data degradation by unauthorized actors must be contrasted. Electronic chips and devices should be produced out of monopolistic advantages. Quantum computers and quantum communications will disclose further opportunities, but also possible threats. Precise international regulations and recommendations are expected to give clear frameworks in which permitted operations are possible.
In this scenario, Covid 19 pandemic added new challenges. All the countries in the world are devoting large funds to favor recovery and resilience against the economic and social effects of pandemic. Next Generation EU represents the most important facility of this type in European nations. In UK a similar government recovery strategy is on the point of starting.
All these aspects of future telecommunications would impact on the concept of technologic, economic and green sustainability, at either local or global level.
The Congress aims to give proper hints for facing these fundamental questions, and to suggest possible long-term solutions.

The Conference will be held in presence (depending on the pandemic situation) and it will also be virtual.


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