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    Thursday - 30 May 2024   
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A difficult and uncertain future lies ahead for our society, more clean energy and new electrical technologies are required to make the world more livable and safer.

AEIT2022 International Annual Conference aims to address the main scientific and technological challenges needed today both to decarbonize the environment and to guarantee the security of energy supplies for our communities. These themes will in fact be the main themes of the conference.

AEIT2022 is an international forum dedicated to the dissemination of new ideas, research and work in progress in the sectors of integration of renewable energy, generation, transmission and distribution of energy, power systems, power electronics, automation and ICT applications. The objectives of the conference are high quality research and professional involvement between industry and academia for the advancement of science, technology and education.

The event can also be an occasion for fruitful discussions on energy plans to be developed in conditions of uncertainty in a complex world.
AEIT2022 is in its 114th edition: speakers and participants will be connected all over the world. The main features of the conference include Invited Talks, Regular Sessions, Special Sessions.

The conference will be held in presence (depending on the pandemic situation) and will also be virtual.

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